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February 29, 2012
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Chapter 2

The day was excruciating. All Valentine could think about was getting the chance to talk to Jackson. Much to his surprise, the boy was difficult to find. They didn't seem to have a lot of classes together and in between classes, the halls were crowded and he had no idea where Jackson's locker was. Finally, at lunch he knew he could find him easily.

He strutted through the double doors of the creepeteria and looked around. Several of the students glanced up at him, but quickly went back to chatting with their friends or returned to their food. Valentine walked into the noisy room and went from one table to the next, until he finally spotted him.

Unfortunately, it was one of the last places he was hoping to find him. He was sharing a table with that Frankenstein girl, Draculaura, Clawd, and several of their other friends. He couldn't just walk over and talk to Jackson with all of them over there. He needed to get him away somehow. As he pondered, a small gremlin kid started to walk past him. Valentine grabbed the little creature's shoulder.

"Get yer hands off!" the green thing spat angrily.

"I just need you to do me a quick favor." Valentine explained.

Over at the table, Jackson began to happily munch on his crustless peanut butter and jelly sandwich as his other friends ate candied eyeballs and an assortment of food Jackson dare not try to consume.

"So, how about Mr. Hack today?" Deuce brought up. Everyone shook their heads to avoid,

"Yeah. Oi oi. Oi'm Mr. Hack, chilren!" Howleen said mocking Mr. Hack horendessly. For awhile, they didn't mind Clawdeen's little sister sitting with them, but she was starting to get really annoying. They all put on fake grins and let out forced laughter.

"Oh man, Howleen, that is right on! You are so funny." Deuce said humoring her before Cleo elbowed him hard in the ribs. "Ow! What?" Just then, the green gremlin kid tugged on Jackson's shirt. Jackson looked over his shoulder and looked down.

"Some vampire guy wants to talk to you out in the hallway. Says it's important." He said. Jackson's eyes filled with fear.

"Did he say why or what it's about?" he asked nervously. The gremlin sneered.

"Listen, he just told me he needed to talk to you. Sheesh." And with that the gremlin huffed away to get his own lunch. With a gulp, Jackson stood.

"Guys, I'll be right back." He announced. Everyone smiled and nodded and went back to their conversation. With that, Jackson headed for the doors. He pushed them open and stepped out into the hallway.

"Hey there." Valentine said leaning against the wall across from him. Jackson frowned.

"You again." Jackson said crossing his arms. "What do you want?" he asked.

"Easy now, what's with so much hostility?" Valentine asked advancing towards him.

"I told the guys I ran into you today and they filled me in on who you are." Jackson said standing his ground. Valentine raised a brow and smirked.

"Do tell?" he asked coyly.

"You tried to steal Draculaura's heart and broke her up with Clawd." Jackson stated as a matter of factly. "I think it's clear you aren't here to make friends so, I'm going back to eat my lunch if you don't mind." Jackson started to turn around, but Valentine's frustration started to flare up. The little nerd wasn't even giving him the chance to say anything. He swiftly got a tight grip of the back of Jackson's shirt collar, and without trying to really hurt him, whipped him with his back against a nearby locker. Valentine put a hand forcefully on Jackson's shoulder to keep him from trying to run.

He said nothing, but just stared at him in almost a hateful glare. Jackson's eyes grew wide in fear not sure what was going on in Valentine's mind.

Valentine slowly showed a toothy smirk as he  moved his leg closer in between Jackson's legs. Jackson closed his eyes tight, preparing himself for a possible attack. Valentine chuckled as he gently took Jackson's chin in his hand. The boy's eyes slowly opened, his eyes welling up. Valentine's heart pounded. He looked just like Henry as he last saw him. He couldn't help it. He quickly leaned in and captured Jackson's soft, full lips.

Jackson let out a muffled gasp, but couldn't find the strength to pull away from the vampire's tight hold he had on him. Eventually, Jackson shut his eyes and let it happen. He wasn't enjoying it at all and wanted nothing to do with this guy. He just tried to shut it out and imagine it was Frankie he was kissing. The imagery was working for a little until Valentine took a sharp bite of Jackson's bottom lip.

Jackson let out a sharp gasp, but it faded into a tone of ecstasy. He could feel his face heat up. As Valentine continued to suck his blood, he opened his eyes slightly to get a look at his face. Jackson's face was a bright red and he seemed to be enjoying it now. He shut his eyes again and stopped drinking his blood, only to snake his tongue into his mouth and drawing more moans from Jackson.
Valentine pushed his leg up against his victim in between his legs. It was just becoming too much for Jackson to bare and managed to find the courage he needed to shove the vampire off of him.

Valentine let himself stagger back, a bit of Jackson's blood coated on his fangs, yellowing his teeth. Jackson, now free, ran back into the creepeteria as he wiped the blood from his lip. He still felt flushed, but figured his friends wouldn't notice. He sat back down at the table and everyone stared at him.

"Sorry about that." Jackson muttered joyfully and was about to return to his sandwich.

"Jackson? What happened to your lip?" Frankie asked. Draculaura looked at him concerned just as Clawd glanced at the door. Valentine poked his head in and was looking right at Jackson. Clawd growled as Valentine suddenly noticed he caught the attention of the wrong monster. Now he thought that Valentine had attacked Jackson on purpose.

Valentine didn't waste time waiting for something to happen and took off in a run.
Before he turned the corner, he heard the metal doors slam open and a wolf howl. Valentine glanced over his shoulder. His pink eyes bulged as Clawd's gaze was fixed on him. Valentine picked up his pace. Soon enough, the sounds of Clawd's heavy boots echoed through the halls as he ran towards him. He was catching up to him fast.

Thinking fast, Valentine transformed into a bat and flew up into the piping along the ceiling. It was dark enough that he wouldn't be spotted by the hound. Once settled on the pipes, he watched in relief as Clawd continued to run down the hallway.

Back in the creepeteria, Jackson was facing more problems. After his friends had asked him about the bleeding lip, he dare not tell them about the incident with Valentine.

"Oh, I uh, walked into the door coming back in." He lied. Draculaura gasped.

"So Valentine didn't do this to you?" she asked suspiciously. Jackson could feel beads of sweat run down the back of his neck.

"No. He just needed to ask me about uh…" his eyes shot around for the perfect subject of his lie and spotted a biteology book. "biteology. He wasn't sure about the homework." Jackson chuckled. It suddenly dawned on him the irony of his lie. Draculaura raised an eyebrow but nodded as if she understood.

Slowly, Jackson felt a pain. He looked down in horror.

Frankie smiled. "Well, I'm just glad that you're okay." She said in her usual cheery voice.

"Uh, yeah, that's great Frankie. I have to go, sorry." Jackson stammered quickly, holding a nearby notebook over his crotch and made a quick getaway out the doors towards the bathroom.

Valentine, still resting on the piping, heard another set of footsteps running down the hall. He leaned over and noticed Jackson run past him and made a quick turn into the bathroom. Curious, he flew down and transformed back into himself to see what the boy was up to.

Jackson splashed water on his face and looked up at his reflection.

"No, Jekyll. This can't happen. Not now. Not here. Not in front of Frankie of all things!" he yelled at himself. He glanced down at his pants and saw nothing had changed, but the pain was getting more intense. Valentine silently slipped into the bathroom and leaned against one of the stall doors. He didn't have to worry about Jackson seeing him in the mirror, no reflection. Unless he turned around.

"I just gotta think of things I don't like." Jackson told himself. "Uh, bugs. Uh, loud music. Um, rasberries…" Jackson paused. A part of him wanted to say Holt Hyde, but decided against it, however, there was still no change and the pain was worsening. Jackson groaned and doubled over the sink and grabbed himself. "Make it stop." He said tearfully to no one, or so he thought. Valentine couldn't help but feel a little guilty. He just wanted to get Jackson's attention, not put him in pain like this. He cleared his throat and walked towards him.

"You!" Jackson squeaked losing his balance and nearly fell to the floor, but Valentine caught him and helped him onto his feet.

"I'm sorry, Jackson." Valentine said in a sympathetic tone, dropping his accent, hoping it would make Jackson feel more at ease.

"This is your fault!" Jackson yelled, his hand still on his crotch. "What am I supposed to do?!" Valentine smirked as he thought of watching Jackson getting off on the tile floor, but shook the image from his mind. The poor kid was really suffering. Valentine sighed.

"Just listen to me." Valentine instructed. Jackson nodded.

"Anything." He groaned.

"Picture cows…" Valentine started.

"Cows?" Jackson looked at him puzzled. Valentine shook his head.
"I know, I know. Just stay with me okay? Picture cows in a field." Valentine continued. Jackson shut his eyes tight and started to picture the cows in a green field. "They're eating grass. Their tails swishing away the pesky flies. Just keep picturing the cows…"

Soon enough, Jackson's pain subsided and he started to feel himself soften. He opened his eyes and took his hand away to find he had gone back to normal. In surprise, he looked up at Valentine who almost looked gentle and comforting. It was a side that Jackson wasn't sure if he felt safe or uncomfortable with, but for now, he was okay with the vampire standing beside him.

"I'm all better." Jackson said happily. Valentine gave a gentle smile and patted him on the back and turned to leave. "Wait!" Jackson called. The vampire stopped dead in his tracks and glanced over his shoulder.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"How did…how did you know how to do that?" he inquired. It wasn't a bad question, so Valentine turned back around to him.

"When you've lived on God's green earth for as long as I have," Valentine replied with his southern accent, "you learn a thing or two." He grinned and started to leave again. If he was right, and there was still hope in winning Jackson over, he would call once more.


Valentine hid a toothy smile as he answered, his back still turned to Jackson.


Jackson hesitated for a moment, but said, "Thanks…Valentine." He said with a slight smile.

"Anytime." Valentine answered waving his hand and left. This time, Jackson didn't bother to stop him. Valentine chuckled and headed for his locker. All the way he chuckled to himself thinking about how he had given Jackson an erection. However, this gave him encouragement to continue to pursue Jackson's affection.

He turned a corner and thought he was homefree, until he smacked into something big.

'Dang it. I forgot.' Valentine thought afraid to look up. He hesitantly glanced up to see the death glare of an angry wolfman. Valentine gulped and shot him an innocent grin. Clawd grabbed him by the front of his shirt and with all his might, shoved him into a locker.
"I've been wanting to do this for longer than you know." Clawd growled bringing his fist back. Valentine gulped.

"Not the face." He squeaked.
To be continued...
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UmbreonSweet Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013
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AlyssaTolensky Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
...I re-read this chapter and you're totally right. I didn't even catch that. It's not a fair excuse to say I don't really care about Draculaura, but I really should've paid more attention to detail on this one.
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Jackson and Valentine are cute together. Hopefully they get to be boyfriends. It's such a nice story.
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